Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We at Maree Cranes value the safety of our customers, their cargo and our staff. We make it our number 1 priority to put safety first and do our best to reduce any risk factors involved with the usage of our mobile cranes.

A crane is a dangerous piece of machinery and there are many risks associated with handling and being around a crane in operation, some of which are:

Structural failure:

This is a result of component failures such as hydraulic rams, a wire rope splitting etc.


This can be a result of many factors, commonly overloading the crane’s maximum lifting capacity can overload the crane and cause serious injuries


This is usually a result of insufficient clearance between the object being lifted and its surroundings.

Wind Conditions:

Windy conditions can cause the load to sway, which is a very dangerous hazard.

These risks are taken into consideration before we begin operations with our cranes. Our cranes are routinely serviced and assessed before they leave our warehouse.

Our cranes are always within their certified one-year safety certification.