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Established in 2005, Maree Cranes has been providing some of the latest crane trucks for hire / rental industry, within the Gauteng borders. We have operated in many areas of Gauteng, ranging from major cities (Johannesburg & Pretoria) to small towns and suburbs. We have a system that works efficiently… a crane, a truck, and the ability to load and transport goods of up to 31 tons per payload. We have previously done work with building contractors, farmers, road works and many more.
We take pride in providing great service and working efficiently.

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Crane Truck Hire

We offer some of the latest models in the crane truck industry to ensure the job gets done swiftly and efficiently


We pride ourselves in efficiency with everything we do, that is why all our crane trucks are capable of loading and transporting goods and cargo in one go. we can transport up to 31 tons per payload.

Health & Safety

We take our safety very seriously and make a point of ensuring all our cranes are in their 1 year safety certificate.


We have been operating in the Gauteng province since 2005 and over the years we have perfected our expertise and skills. We can offer a service like no other.

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